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Hi! I'm Deborah

About Me and My Journey with Endometrial Cancer

About me and my journey with endometrial cancer which started the day before I turned 72.  Not exactly what I was expecting at this time in my life.  

I was originally diagnosed with endometrial cancer (grade 1 adenocarcinoma, endometroid type), positive for both estrogen and progesterone receptors, a cancer of the lining of the uterus.  This initial diagnosis was obtained through an office biopsy, a scraping of the endometrial lining.

From Endometrial Cancer to Dedifferentiated Endometrial Carcinoma

After a hysterectomy my diagnosis changed from Grade 1 endometrial cancer, a slow growing cancer, to dedifferentiated endometrial carcinoma which is grade 3.  It is fast growing and aggressive along with being very rare. There is little on the internet about it and few studies have been done.  It’s that rare.

When I was first diagnosed I don’t think I grasped the potential enormity of it.  It was only grade 1 so how bad could it be?  When it changed to grade 3 I still thought I was okay since it hadn’t apparently spread.

Somewhere in the back of my mind I knew that original diagnosis was mutable, depending on the pathology results after the hysterectomy and I was concerned about the possibility.  I can’t say I was anxious but there was that nagging thought.  Obviously I was right to be concerned.

Light for the Journey

I decided to write this blog for others facing the same or similar challenge.  This is the information I wish I had when I first heard the words “dedifferentiated endometrial carcinoma”.  I am also writing this blog for anyone who has been diagnosed with cancer in general, loves someone diagnosed with cancer or those who are just curious and would like to learn.

It is my hope that my words help bring light to a journey that can, at times, feel very dark, isolating and frightening.  I will share the bright spots of the journey as well as the dark ones.  They are all part of the journey I hope we can share together.

Life Before Endometrial Cancer

For those who would like to know a bit more about me pre-cancer, I am a retired mother and grandmother.   I have lived in a variety of places including Costa Rica and an RV traveling the east coast.  I now find myself in St Louis where my son and his family live.  

While I was living in the RV in North Carolina I got into a car accident.  A young man texting on his phone, plowed his truck into the back of my little car which then hit the truck in front of me.  The truck behind me then proceeded to hit my car once again.  As a result, I ended up with a concussion, traumatic brain injury and seizures.  

Over the years since the accident I have managed to heal most of the damage done to my poor head from that accident.  Most, but not all. Not too long after the accident, I returned to Tucson where I had friends who were able to be there for me and offer me the help I needed.  I was most blessed.   

I have a masters degree in psychology which allowed me to work as a psychotherapist in private practice as well as a school psychologist.  Believe it or not, when I lived in Tucson I owned a construction company and built high end custom homes.  Trust me, that was a whole lot of fun…until it wasn’t.

Photography is My Life Raft

I am an amateur photographer.  It is what helps me through the tough times.  I learned while I was healing from my head injury that when things are overwhelming, I need to pick up my camera and allow the rest of the world to disappear.  I can focus on my subject which enables me to forget whatever has been bothering me.  If I’m not feeling well enough to get outside to shoot, I’ve got all sorts of equipment that allows me to work indoors.  

The photos appearing on this website are mine; any exceptions are noted. 

I have decided to illustrate the various posts with my photographs as well as some graphics I’ve created.  Some will clearly be illustrative while others are just pretty.  We all can use more pretty in our lives, right?

Together we can conquer endometrial cancer!

When the world says "GIVE UP"
it is HOPE that whispers:
"Try one more time."

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