Sympathy for the Devil

Sympathy for the Devil

Sympathy for the devil? Cancer sucks, right?  F*ck cancer!  Cancer is horrible, etc, etc, etc. 

Cancer is a Part of Your Body

But have you thought that cancer is actually part of your body?  Do you hate your arm? Your nose? You may not like what cancer is doing but by hating it you are actually hating a part of yourself by aiming all that hate at your very own body.

Cancer Thrives on Hate

Here’s another thought – it is very possible, maybe even probable that cancer THRIVES on that hate, feeding off of it.  

Our emotions are actually chemicals within our body which get broken down and disposed of by our livers.  Anger can be one of the worst in that regard, producing chemicals that pollute our bodies, perhaps not in the same way that drinking a poison might but similar enough.  

Did you know that in Ayurvedic medicine it is believed that liver issues are often related to retained anger?  It is believed that anger is often the root of liver issues.  

So if anger and hate feed cancer – and I believe they feed cancer similar to sugar – what’s the solution?

Love is the Answer

Simple – love.  Learn to love your body.  Think of it as Sympathy for the Body as well as the Devil within.  Begin to Love the Unlovable.  

You know how you might pray or send light to a friend in need of support?  Have you ever tried praying for someone who is looking to bring harm to you for some reason?  I did that once in particular and the man for whom I prayed later asked me how I got to be so spiritually strong.  It seems he was looking to attack me spiritually and couldn’t get anywhere at all.  On my end, every day, after work, I would spend maybe around 15 or 20 minutes just sending love to him.  He couldn’t fight it.

Attack the Monster with Love

I suspect cancer is the same way.  It’s big and bad and strong, survives on hate, and seemingly looks to kill us.  I say attack that monster with love and see what happens!  Besides, if you really think about it, hating a part of you – and there’s no denying cancer is a part of you – just doesn’t make sense if you are looking to heal!  

So next time, rather than hating on your cancer, show that bully some love.  You’ve nothing to lose and I bet you’ll find yourself feeling a whole lot better.   

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