To Chemo or Not to Chemo?

to chemo or not to chemo
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To chemo or not to chemo? Let’s be clear on one thing – I will never believe that chemotherapy is something that will make a body more healthy.  It is a very strong toxic chemical designed to kill fast growing cells.  While it is focused on fast growing cancer cells, there are other cells in the body that are fast growing that will also die.  Do you know that the infusion nurse has to wear a cover garment to prevent getting any of the it on her body?  Extremely toxic.

Poison the Body to Kill the Cancer

So the idea behind chemo is to poison the body, hope that it kills the cancer and that the body can then heal again.  This sounds totally crazy to me.  Why would anyone decide to do something as barbaric as chemo?  Besides, don’t people die from chemo?

This was my thinking behind not doing chemo.  I was resolute!  No!  Not doing it!  But then came my more intense diagnosis.  Along with that was the realization that I had absolutely no idea if the alternative methods I was doing were helping, hurting or doing nothing other than taking my money.  There was no way for me to easily know or test the efficacy of my alternative program.  But I was quite aware of this rare, aggressive beast within me.  

A Change of Heart

I realized I wasn’t fully comfortable giving my life over to unproven alternative methods of healing alone.  Not with this type of cancer.  And not with the progression I had from grade 1 to grade 3.  

I believe alternative methods can be helpful both on their own but also when combined with standard of care methods like chemotherapy and/or radiation.  The part that concerned me the most was having no way to know if any particular substance could make things worse.  Was it possible that some of what I had been taking caused the cancer to morph from grade 1 to 3?  On the other hand, perhaps it was grade 3 already and what I took was holding it back from spreading outside of the uterus.  There’s no way of knowing and there will never be one.

And so I decided to embark on the chemotherapy journey.  Knowing that chemo is as toxic as it is, I’ve looked for ways to help my body with that.  One way is by using metronomic dosing which you can read about here.  Another way has been to start using something I call Gloppy Drink.  

I continue to use the supplements I started with and have added some more as I continue to learn.  Going through the chemo journey I’m finding myself feeling better and better.  I’ve been told that chemo is cumulative which means things get worse rather than better as chemo proceeds.  Since I’m doing better, I willing to consider this a win! 

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