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Alternative Cancer Treatment - Essiac Tea
Essiac Tea

Researching Cancer and Alternative Treatments

As soon as the shock of my endometrial cancer diagnosis began to wear off I found myself exploring various modes of alternative cancer treatment. Being a goal oriented person I now found myself with a new focus – learn as much as I could about cancer and various interventions I could do.

I really didn’t know exactly where to begin since cancer is a real actively new subject for me.  So I started where just about anyone else would start – the internet.  Oh, boy!  What a rabbit hole!  If you want to get good and depressed just search on the internet for a while!

Essiac Tea

I did manage to begin to find a few options that I thought I could begin with, options that shouldn’t be any kind of an issue.  I found something called Essiac Tea.  There are two different formulations containing either 4 or 8 herbs and that is the first issue and both claim to be the proper formula.  Which one to use? I decided on the 8 herbal formula, ordered it, and made some after receiving it.  

Making Essiac Tea is a long process involving boiling and then letting the tea stand for a while.  I cannot begin to tell you just how horribly, miserably bad this tea smelled.  Ugh!  And the whole house smelled of it!

This Essiac Tea Smells AWFUL!

If smelling it was bad, drinking it was even worse!  I felt like I was drinking dirt!  The instructions said not to strain it so there were all sorts of particles floating around.  Thankfully, I only drank a couple ounces and I figured I could manage that.   Until I started to get the worst heartburn from it.

The pain quickly became unbearable.  I stopped drinking it and contacted the company and was told to continue but with much smaller amounts.  They said this was “cleansing” and was to be expected.  Perhaps, but I felt like I was going to tear a hole in my esophagus if I continued any longer.  

I never did drink it again.  I just couldn’t get myself to do anything with it other than throw it out.  The reality is I still believe essiac tea can be useful for some people but not for me.

My First Alternative Cancer Treatment Is A Failure

It was an experiment that failed.  I do believe that I had a strong cleansing reaction but I have learned from my past that I need to cleanse slower than most and, since I felt like I had no control over this process, I’d stop.  

I’ve worked with a variety of alternative treatments over the years.  I know some won’t work out.  Some do.  It’s up to me to find which treatments are which and use the ones right for my body.

However, with cancer, things are a little different.  This is potentially life and death.  There is less room for error.  

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