Carrot Juice For Cancer???

Carrot juice for cancer final product
I look at this picture and the carrot juice looks so happy!

Can carrot juice cure cancer?  There are some who think it can.  Curing Cancer with Carrots by Ann Cameron believes that to be the case.  

Carrot Juice for Cancer Sounds Pretty Crazy!

Alright, I know at this point you might think I’m kinda crazy, right?  Carrots?  Get a grip!  Well, here was my thinking – what did I have to lose?  Over the years I’ve heard so many good things about carrot juice and I figured I’d give it a shot.

The goal was to juice a whopping 5-6 pounds of organic carrots a day.  That came to around 2 quarts of carrot juice.  I already had the juicer so no big expense there, until I realized my juicer wasn’t really going to do the trick and I’d need a better one.  And then I priced out carrots!  Whew! Doing two quarts of carrot juice a day adds up quickly.

I searched around for the cheapest priced carrots.  Buying them in bulk I could get a 10% discount at Fresh Thyme which helped but I wasn’t sure I could afford that.  Turned out that Costco, by far, was the cheapest.  

I looked to bring home something like ten five pound bags of carrots each trip.  And you should’ve heard the comments we got from people!  “Boy, you must have a lot of bunnies in your yard.”  “Like horses?”  And they went on and on.  Only one person ever looked at our cart and asked if we were juicing all those carrots.  It was nice to have someone recognize that rather than just being goofy, although I did like the goofiness also.  

Juicing Five Pounds of Carrots is a Lot!

If you’ve not juiced five pounds of carrots every day you haven’t lived!  It became a dance.  First, clean the carrots then cut them up and feed them into the juicer.  Half way through, empty the juice and pulp and continue.  Eventually we did a few days at a time.  We would put the juice into quart jars and then vacuum seal them.  Then it was time for the clean up.  All together, it took about an hour.  

Carrot juice for cancer - washing the carrots
Washing all those carrots took a toll on my hands!
carrot juice for cancer - cutting
I had some help with cutting the carrots.

Does Carrot Juice Work?

The question you might have now is “did it work”?  My answer would be a simple one – who knows?  And therein lies the problem once again with alternative approaches to healing.  I’ll tell you what I did notice.  I found myself much more alkaline than I had been.  I used pH strips for my urine and couldn’t believe how quickly they moved from acidic to alkaline.  I believed this was a positive sign.

It was said that carrot juice was also good for shifting female hormones in a positive manner.  I think this might have been true.  As a post menopausal woman how flashes were mostly behind me.  However, given the extra weight I was carrying, I’m sure I had excess estrogen circulating throughout my body.  After taking carrot juice for a while I found myself getting occasional hot flashes.  Nothing awful but enough to know there was some kind of change going on.  

carrot juice for cancer - loading the Nama J2 juicer
Filling the hopper on my Nama J2 juicer. This workhorse, though expensive, made juicing so much easier.

Carrot Juice Turns People ORANGE!!!

One of the well known side effects from drinking as much carrot juice as was drinking occurs when the skin starts to actually turn orange!  I have a friend who had that happen to her.  Her doctor actually insisted that she take liver function tests to prove that she wasn’t in liver failure!  Everything turned out fine. More than fine actually. The doctor told her whatever she was doing, she should continue.

For me, I never had the experience even though I drank two quarts of carrot juice every day for something like six months.  On a daily basis, after I showered, I looked at the soles of my feet and my palms to see if there was any change in my color but there never was any orange to be found!

The Biggest Benefit of Drinking Carrot Juice

The benefit I was most aware of drinking all that orange colored juice was that I felt like I was doing something positive, something that could absolutely help me in some way to heal from this usurper in my body.  I felt some sense of control and even if the carrot juice didn’t do a thing, feeling that control was monumental.  

So Why Stop Carrot Juice?

When I met with the gynecologist oncologist and we decided to move forward with the hysterectomy, I stopped making and drinking all that juice.  Perhaps this was a silly reason, but I feared that when he got inside my gut and took a look around he would find all sorts of orange coloration and think something was horribly wrong with me!  I never did get back to making and drinking carrot juice after that.

At the same time I found myself adding other supplements to my protocol and could no longer afford carrot juice, at least not in that quantity.  I have to say I miss it and debate getting back to it in smaller amounts.  Smaller amounts equals more affordable!  

Along with carrot juice were all sorts of other experiments.  All the reading I did pointed me in the direction of a variety of whole food supplements as well as a few off label drugs that I tried.  

I Am Feeling Better So Something is Working!

I found myself feeling better than I had in a very long time.  I had more energy and found myself feeling happier overall.  I look back at that time with fondness to be honest.  

Some question of waiting those six months prior to having a hysterectomy was worth it given the exacerbation of my diagnosis.  Did the waiting make it worse?  Again, no one will ever know that answer.  I will say, however, that it is equally plausible that drinking carrot juice and doing the other interventions may be what kept things from getting worst than they were.  So many people with my diagnosis find themselves with some kind of spread which I didn’t have.  Did my interventions keep that from happening?  Again, no way to know for sure.

Would I Wait Six Months Again?

Would I do it again knowing now what I know?  To be honest, I don’t know if I could move forward if I didn’t believe I tried everything in the more natural arena prior to doing invasive procedures.  I did the right thing for me.  

In the end, that’s all we have, listening to that voice within telling us to try this or that.  I really do need to get back to juicing carrots again only this time maybe just one glass a day!  Or two! I could probably afford that!

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