my journey with dedifferentiated endometrial carcinoma

from the beginning

Doctor in office working on laptop talking on phone
“I’m afraid I have some bad news. It's cancer”
My pathology report showing my original diagnosis of endometrial cancer, grade 1. Her name is cancer.
My new friend’s name is cancer. Well, perhaps I’m moving a bit too quickly. Acquaintance might be a better way of putting it.
My endometrial cancer diagnosis felt a bit like getting bitten by a rattler.
Third day after my endometrial cancer diagnosis - I don't believe in either chemotherapy or radiation as healthy options.
Carrot juice for cancer final product
Can carrot juice cure cancer?  There are some who think it can. Over the years I’ve heard so many good things about carrot juice so why not?
Alternative Cancer Treatment - Essiac Tea
Researching alternative cancer treatment and learning about cancer. Experimenting with essiac tea.
Did I cause my cancer
Did I cause my cancer? I felt miserable from too much sugary stuff. If I didn't stop soon I'd make myself sick. I should've listened.

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